Sunday, May 14, 2023

Velvet Petals
By Julie Gengo

Softness on my pillow
Velvet petals

Two steps closer
Dreams in sequence


Words and music in progress


Red dress on
Wind strokes her hair
Silhouette of armor
Blocking out what's there

Eyes shift slowly
Wonder in the air
Dancing with the dreamers
Dreams from nowhere

I see her
Light reveals a torcher
Falling prayer
Is she there?

Throw away the candy wrapper
She is on the beat
Rushing past the window washer
Walking down the street

Hear the whistle
Blowing loudly
Angles at her feet
Doesn't care
What she leaves behind
The music is so deep

So deep
So deep

Foreign Soundscape

Lyrics and music in progress.....

Foreign Soundscape

Images of you
While I wake
Wrapped up in a new
Foreign soundscape
Birds are beckoning
Down by the lake
Crazy but it's true
The waves won't break

Just like that
I've fallen
Fingers on the backbone
I've fallen

Touch me in that spot
You know where this is going

Is it love,
I've fallen
Is it love,
I've fallen


Lyrics in progress......

This is where we both collide
If we could only 
This is where we both collide
through time

Maybe we would get it right?
(What's right that's right?)
Like a mystery in streaming sight
(Bells are singing)

This is where we both collide
Find time
slip and slide
This is where we both collide
Out of sight
out of mind

Maybe we can fix our flight
(Soaring, soaring) 
Like a mystery in beaming light
(Church bells singing)

Drops - Song Lyrics From the 90s - Marion Daze

Marion Daze Live - Somewhere on Bleecker Street 25:28

By Julie Gengo/Ohad Varsano

And the rain fell
down the back of my neck
and off my fingertips
and my heart beat in unison
with the drops that hit my
feet hit my feet

Racing with the moon
In the
Course we will choose
Racing under the stars
Slowly rest
In between the parts

Shiver the loon
On bare mountain backs
Wandering through the haze
Searching for her match

Heaven knows
It's beauty shows
As the lake lies low
And the mist disappears

I'm falling
Into the night
Meet the face of delight
In through the clouds
Hear the wistful winds

And the rain fell
Down the back of my neck
And off my fingertips
And my heart beat

And the rain fell
Down the back of my neck
And off my fingertips
And my heart beat

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Three Fat Guys

3 fat guys on a limb
One climbs to the top
One climbs like a lemur holding on for its life
One climbs like the swirl of a glass of Pinot in the hands of a world traveler 
All for the beauty of love on the edge 
And innocence protected
3 fat guys deep into soil, harvesting the riches of the past and the old country remembered