Wednesday, September 2, 2015

If You Lived Near By

If you lived near by
I would become thin
and crawl through your cat door
and sneak up
as you sat in your chair
reading your book

I would light a candle
and sit next to you
to keep you company

We would play cards
or chess
even though I don't know how to play

If you lived near by
I would call you from a phone booth
on a rainy night
and make you come to your window

I would smile and wave
and you would come down
and we would dance
in the warm rain
and get soaking wet

If you lived near by
I would bring you zucchini
from my garden
and a pumpkin
when they were in season

I would teach you
how to make soup
and how adding in
a little bit of this and a touch of that
can make all the difference

If you lived near by
I would hand deliver
postcards from exotic places
that I found at garage sales

I would write little notes
on them
pretending to be having a
fabulous time
but also sending you love
and kisses
and telling you how much I missed you


by Julie Gengo

hello from the back
of the hollow wall
the sound of last year's 
concert in the park
a tiny murmur from yesterday
girl peers out
from behind a book
and listens
counting the meter
as the words 
catch up to the 
day that changed everything