Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Windy Road

One from March 2017, written on an iPhone in the notes section, at 9:04 pm, after the storm had subsided - I made that bit up....

Windy Road
By Julie Gengo

I met you on a windy road
With all things shuffling 
Fast and furious

You stopped me
I listened 
The sky was open 
The wheat fields glistening 

The barn in view
Life was moving 
We were still 

You asked me if I knew the way to San Jose
I didn't 

You showed me your hand
I held on

I drew a map with my finger

It started from your palm
And moved all the way around your chest
And down your spine 

A clear path to get you on your way
But you didn't
You turned around  
You stayed