Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Terms and Conditions

2017 is proving to be quite lucrative in the poetry section of my mind. Sometimes, you just have to write it down.
Terms and Conditions
By Julie Gengo

If you want to enter
There are terms and conditions
Not to be confused with desires 
Like love and happiness
Violation can be 
Disastrous and permanent
There are no excuses 
Except death

One, if you wait too long 
You risk rewards like pleasure
And satisfaction 

Two, the sacred rule of response -
When there is none, rejection is imminent

Three, love must be present even in anger

Four, snarky replies don't fly

Five, speak what you mean
In slow methodical dirges that capture attention

Six, meditate before you strike

Seven, appreciate time 
Or thoughts of hole punching
In certain spots, will arise

Eight, red wine can soothe dismay
Know which one works best

Nine, avoid complication
All things flow better without

Ten, eye contact is essential
It speaks to the soul
Like lovers caught up in warm rain