Friday, March 10, 2017

Monday Morning

Okay well I believe this is another poem from around 2009. I was living in Cardiff by the Sea in the bottom of a house that sat on a hill. Although my space was a converted garage, I did have an ocean view. Small but very sweet with a fence in front of the house that sat between my house and the house below the ally. That fence was covered in purple morning glories. 

Monday Morning
By Julie Gengo

Monday morning
light hovers through
purple glories
not wanting to go to work either

Streaming music keeps focus
while dragging through
mundane complexities
of why go at all
if you doubt happiness

Relinquish your everydayness
then Monday will
unravel just fine

For somewhere down the road
just a few steps
is a respite
where ease is present
and flowers bloom everywhere

A flash forward
will bring to light
all that makes sense
and all that doesn't

And Monday will
go on
and on
like a good memory that lingers