Saturday, August 25, 2012

Topped Off Pints

Topped Off Pints
By Julie Gengo

topped off pints
strange artifacts stick out of walls
man in the corner paints postcards
eyes glance and turn away


  1. I am a bit daft. I just figured out how to add comments here. I've been poking my nose in every now and then and never left a foot print.

    Here is my postcard view...

    a renga:

    red tailed hawk hunted
    that which sought the seeds, from the
    front maple feeder -

    at the same morning hour
    I chose to refill the tube

    we each caught sight of
    a different predator -
    with grace the bird flew


  2. This is an interesting vignette. I'd like to visit a place where a man paints in the corner. The poem makes me wonder what he's painting.

    1. I couldn't figure it out or why he was there, but it seemed like he belonged.