Wednesday, August 26, 2015


by Julie Gengo

Color brown-red
Used for attention grabbing
To match the sun's
and cover up words
dared to be spoken

The time to locate
the shoes used
to secure traction
and stop slippage
and chances of
falling down

The day the rain fell
and filled buckets
with tears of sorrow
for broken promises
and dreams of togetherness
in distant places
that never came to be

310 (three hundred and ten)
degrees on
the other side of the world
where the day
has more meaning than the
time in which it was placed

the platform where
trains stop
friends connect
saturated in discussion
about the future
and points of happiness

310(three hundred and ten)
pages whose sole purpose
is to disconnect what
was once perfection
now strands of solitude
left naked in
what went wrong

the average amount of
dedication and determination
to prove the reasons
why you were chosen to inspire

310 (three hundred and ten)
lines of subjective thoughts
and patterns
that twist
acceptable meaning
into unrecognizable
and incongruous
observation of the
way things are
should be

310(three hundred and ten)
miles of travel
that carries a burden
before it is released
after the weight became too much
to bear

310(three hundred and ten)
that encompass the mind
per moments of
and all
that is broken

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