Sunday, August 23, 2015


by Julie Gengo

What about water?
Does it flow
through your soul
cleansing out the debris?

Does it splash in your face
forging drops of innovation
and images
of distant lands?

Does it show up for dinner
then leave
the dishwasher wishes
running down the drain?

What about the time you said
you'd bathe me
in the fresh water spring
on the other side of the world?

The soft cooling calm
when we were in love
even though you had moved on
to firmer ground

A ground that
couldn't absorb the rain
that filled your heart

By the way
I passed a puddle
and thought of the time
you threw me overboard

and I sank down
so deep
I thought
I'd never surface again

But I did
and the sweet water
continues to flow
like tears from the sky

And the river
continues to bring
of what could have been
and again

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