Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ode to 976

Written circa 1998 in Pacific Beach, CA at a wonderful cafe called 976. I think it's still there....

Ode to 976

by Julie Gengo

In the midst of madness
I stop to shudder
What wonders beneath
The bread and butter
All lies on tables
So taught and clever
In morning arise
The first endeavor
To unite the airy wisps of rain
With roots that bring
The first of Spring
In red & orange
& violet-blue
All eyes amazed
Upon the hues
As passion flows
Between the feet
In droves of tantalizing
That rests inside
This field of dreams
Surrounded by
Bright color schemes
That you or I
Had nothing to do
Except to marvel
At the view
& the lips of lips
So succulent
& the bells that ring
In unison
& blades that tickle
The best of men
Save but a minute
To embellish them
As sensuous
As the river let
& storms that come
Without regret
A serenity
Not to forget
This Spring that brings
All happiness

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