Friday, August 25, 2017

Frankly - New Lyrics from 2017

New lyrics inspired by love or the lack there of. People you meet are strange. You think they know what they want, and then they flee before you turn your back. They tease you and tease you for what? Attention? Neediness?  But then the real thing comes around but you still wonder why? Has it happened to you? There is a melody to this but I still need a guitar player partner. Know anyone who wants to help me get the right sound to these words? Hit me up, please. Of course, this is a draft that will probably morph into something quite different. It's written with a sense of humor so it's okay to smile....

By Julie Gengo

You're not interested in me
I understand
But quite frankly
I don't give a damn

A story that I knew
Not so long ago
I count my blessings
In a row

From Shakespeare's
To a William's kiss
In Patterson
Waterfalls on lips

You're not interested in me
I understand
And quite frankly
I don't give a damn

The world is turning
a round and
upside down
But you follow me
To the edge of town

I gave you everything
I had to give
You call my name
In a whisper kiss

You loved me for a moment
That I know
You stumble now
But can't let go

What is love?
Is it for the birds?
They come and go
Without any words
Just sweet songs to allure
They catch their mates
They're on their way
And for them 
That's okay
But for me
I wanted you to stay


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