Thursday, September 12, 2019

Yes I know, it's been a while. Life certainly gets in the way. Daughter now in her second year of college in NYC, been to Italy twice....and so much more. But hey, you have to live. 

I've been working on new song lyrics which are far from finished, but I'm posting the meager drafts that will hopefully encourage me to get my butt in gear and turn them into proper songs. 

And yes, I did find a guitar player that is just lovely. 

Wanna be my friend
Gotta catch me—run
I follow a cloud
Under midnight sun

Somewhere in the distance
Attention turned around
Where am I’m going
Can you slow me down?

With a slip of a tongue
And a bottle of rum
Well meet in the courtyard
Under sleepy sun

You and me
And a bottle of rum
We dance in the courtyard
Till moonlight comes

Sally was laughing
She had a very fine day
She gave at wink to the postman
Then threw her mail away

And the people that you meet
When you passing down the street
Tips their hats and walk away

It’s all good she said
Waving her hand

There was a man
Who kept all his gold in a can
He wandered around
With his head looking down

He can’t seem to find his
He can’t seem to find his way home

He was in love
He hid it inside of his head
It spun him around
His feet left the ground

He can’t seem to find his
He can’t seem to find his way down

Tick tock
The clock is broken
The clock is broken
And time has been stolen again

We pull the record off
The needle shrieks
And silence resounds
Yet again

Everything’s better together
But sometimes you need to be alone

And it’s okay
I have a feeling
All okay
The calm is soothing

When you get you that perfect flight
And you figure out was working right

I’ll take the early bird
No need to check in

I can book on the fly

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